4 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers that Will Win Your Heart

motorcycle wedding cake topper

Wedding cake toppers are one thing that separates an ordinary cake from special one. After the ceremony when you are celebrating your union with the most perfect cake in the world, the wedding cake toppers is one thing that makes it special. Whether you are a traditionalist at heart or modernist with flare for creativity, today you will find an array of wedding cake toppers that will win your heart instantly. Unique themes like the motorcycle wedding cake toppers have made wedding cakes even more exciting.

Here are 4 creative and fun wedding cake toppers which must be on your list when you get married.

1. Motorcycle wedding cake toppers

This is one of the few wedding cake toppers that will surely win many hearts. The handsome groom is riding a bike and not just any bike – the Harley Davidson motorcycle. He is wearing a smart suit and the bride is in most beautiful bridal gown that ever was. This is enough to make anyone dream about their special wedding cake. Off late, this idea has been one of the popular wedding cake themes. If you like adventure or taking long rides together, this unique wedding cake topper will win your heart.

2. Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

Beach wedding is the dream wedding that every couple and especially the bride desire. Whether you are having a beach wedding or planning a beach honeymoon, the beach wedding cake toppers will make your wedding day celebration special. Beach wedding cake toppers can come in different style. You can have one where the bride and groom are relaxing on the beach chair in their beach dresses. This is one of popular scenes in the movies as well. Show the world you are having beach wedding or beach honeymoon with this unique piece.

3. Sports Loving Couple

Couples who love sports will often go to watch matches together in the weekends. If you are one of those couples you will find an array of sports theme wedding cake toppers from basket ball to football to hockey and baseball. This one shared interest can make your wedding celebration special and intimate. These wedding cake toppers come with great attention to details and you can even get them customized for hair color, dress, shoes and accessories.

4. Outdoor Recreational Wedding cake toppers

If you are an adventure loving couple and spend time enjoying outdoors, there are a number of recreational theme wedding cake toppers like couple hiking, trekking, mountain biking, skiing that can make your wedding celebration special and forever etched in your memory. These wedding cake toppers not only serve as great decorative pieces they also say a lot about you as a couple.

Wedding cake toppers can make your wedding cake special and memorable. Choose unique themes like the motorcycle wedding cake toppers to make your wedding cake special in many ways.