5 Show-Stopping Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

Marine Wedding Cake Topper by Magical Day

Gone are the days when wedding cake toppers were just two bride and groom miniature statues standing on the top of the cake. Today, wedding cake toppers have come a long way and there is no limitation to creativity. With themes like marine wedding cake toppers, you have the option of choosing toppers with off-beat themes and great attention to details that can also be personalized to give it a “mini me” touch. Cake toppers can make cakes really stand out and make an impact and you can keep that beautiful personalized cake topper as keepsake.

Here are some of the wedding cake topper themes that take cake topper ideas to a whole new level.

1. Beach Wedding Cake Topper

There is nothing more romantic than beach wedding – the sun, the sand, the waves and wind. Most couples dream of having such beautiful wedding. And, even if you don’t have a beach wedding you can always have a beach honeymoon. A beach wedding cake topper is one of the best ways to show how much you love beach. And, if you are marrying a surfer, a beach wedding cake topper is the best option.

2. Motorcycle Riding Groom

Motorcycle riding groom whisking away his bride on it is one of the popular wedding cake toppers. You will find a variety of wedding cake toppers in this theme. This wedding cake topper is best for couples who love adventurous ride. The bike is designed to look like a real life bike only smaller in size that can be easily put on top of your wedding cake.

3. Marine Wedding Cake topper

Getting married to a marine officer? Then the marine wedding cake topper is the perfect choice for it. These wedding cake toppers come in vivid details on the uniform of the groom and gowns for the brides. This could be your way of showing love for your marine officer. You can even get the wedding cake topper customized to look like you with hair, accessories and shoes or anything you would like.

4. Guitar playing wedding cake toppers

Another romantic wedding cake topper theme is the guitar playing groom. This is one of the best romantic wedding cake topper themes that suits couples of all walks of life. The story behind this wedding cake topper can be anything. May be the groom was a guitar player in high school and you fell in love with him then. Or simply you want your groom to be musical enough on your wedding day.

5. Dancing Couple Wedding cake Topper

This is one of the classic wedding cake topper themes that can be designed in more than one ways. You can personalize it to make it look more like you. Bride and groom dancing is the key attraction on their wedding celebrations and what could be a better way of making your wedding cake special with a dancing couple wedding cake topper.

Wedding cake toppers can be one single thing that makes your wedding cake topper super special. Today, toppers like marine wedding cake toppers have changed the way toppers are designed. 

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