Wonderful Ideas of Wedding Cake Toppers

Love Pinch Wedding Cake TopperWedding indeed is the most important occasion of life. Thus celebrating this special day with a cake would be a great way of merry-making. Usually when it comes to wedding cake décor, couples mostly prefer to adorn their wedding cake with special and little more personalized kind of cake toppers. Wedding cake toppers are available in varied forms hence you can exactly have it the way you like it.

If you are a fun loving couple who likes to add little bit fun element into your wedding celebration, you can surely get some greatly funny and amazing looking toppers which can easily make you and your guests giggle. However if you are one of those couples who like to keep things subtle, an elegant monograms cake toppers can certainly turn out to be your apt choice.

Presenting some of best types of wedding cake toppers, take a look!

  1. Traditional cake toppers – There is something about the traditional wedding cake toppers which is why it has managed to be the first preference of the couples until now. The beautiful vision of both bride and groom standing side by side simply enhances the charm of the cake. The fact is traditional cake toppers can exude a very retro feel which can surely make your cake look wonderful. Moreover nowadays traditional wedding toppers can be found in many different colors, sizes and shapes thus, you wouldn’t have limited choice in this space. Go for it if you want to have a classic appeal in your wedding cake.
  2. Humorous wedding cake toppers – Wedding is a happy occasion and adding a humorous streak to it through a cake topper can surely showcase the fun side of the couple beautifully. You can find many such amusing wedding cake toppers which can set off a few good laughs among the guests. Choose this one if you are a couple who loves to have some lighter moments at the wedding.
  1. Floral wedding cake toppers – Flowers accentuate the whole allure of the wedding. Thus having one atop of the cake would naturally make for an attractive sight. Flowers as wedding cake toppers would offer a subtle and elegant vibe. In fact in order to keep it real you can make use of real flowers as well. But you need to make sure to add a variety which can remain fresh without water for a little more time than the usual.
  1. Creative cake toppers – Explore creativity in your wedding cake by opting for a cake topper of a unique design. In fact you can make give it a personal touch in a creative way. Certainly your wedding cake can leave an impression on the guests of your wedding.

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